Growing up a gymnast, I now see the correspondence with my love and passion for yoga! Every morning I would wake up and do a Urva D (backbend) to start my day! I see now, I was really doing a lot of yoga as a child, just without the breath work. 

Yoga has saved me in so many ways! I used to suffer from really bad anxiety, self esteem issues along with really toxic bad habits that almost ruined my life. Yoga became my outlet. My mat became my safe space. I cherished that devotion for my mind, body and soul. I didn’t always understand it, but I always left feeling better when I got off my mat. The magic of yoga is truly what lies in the practice of consistency. 

Yoga conditions us on how to deal with life. How to regain your power. Yoga sparks up the conversation with the light inside of you and reassures you to live in the now. Yoga helped to fuel me with a healthy habit that became my new addiction! 

I can’t change the world all at one time, but I am slowly working towards that goal one soul at a time! I create a fun and playful flow that will not only get you out of your head, but also allow you to find your edge. Being the witness when there is a challenge and passing through it is a huge accomplishment in itself! I offer the space to heal, to sweat, to cry, to just be when I teach. I love to always set an intention for your practice because I know the importance of creating your reality! Feeling your manifestations in your heart and weaving that feeling throughout my practice is something I love to do! 

I love being able to spread the teachings of yoga with the community! It brings people together in a safe space where we can grow and vibrate on higher frequencies together!