Let’s journey to El Salvador, with a PURPOSE!

December 14th-20th, 2024

I’ll be guiding a wonderful group of humans to a wonderful spot ~ that has an unforgettable vibe! The locals there won my heart and I want so badly to give back to the community during our retreat. I chose to give part of my proceeds from the retreat towards funding school supplies to help the children learn English, which will provide more lifelong opportunities. Not only that, but we’ll have a yoga class with the kids we are helping as well as help them with their bi-monthly trash pick up service. Travel with a purpose and leave with an open heart as you practice giving back on your next travel adventure.

Reserve your spot with a $500 non-refundable deposit. If you decide to cancel and pay in full, $500 will not be refunded and the terms for cancellation depends on the time frame to the event and if we can rebook your reservation.

You’ll get a discount code of $500 once the deposit is made to go towards your room purchase at checkout. Payment plans are available or you can choose to pay in full by skipping the deposit and going straight to the room options! Price range will begin at $1850 and go up from there depending on the room type.

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El Salvador is known for having great surf and amazingly sweet locals! I chose this spot off my intuition, and hosted my first reteat here in November of 2023 – let me tell you, you are in for a treat! Whether you’re new to surfing or are stoked to get back on a wave, this retreat is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some Vitamin Sea and make some life long connections. There’s an on-site outdoor gym, beach cabanas, two pools and a variety of room choices to fit all budgets! Visiting El Salvador was like chicken soup for my soul! I’m so honored to lead my second and third group of amazing humans here! Hurry and snag your rooms or send me a message via Instagram @allibeeyoga for questions.

Yoga • Breath Work • Surfing • Community outreach to give back to El Salvador • Hiking • Volcano Hike • local shopping • Horseback Riding on the beach • workshops • chill time • as well as valuable knowledge shared through the week!


About your Host, Alli Bee

Hi, I’m Alli Bee! I first want to say, thanks for making it to my page and being curiously about what I’m up to. I’d like to consider myself a dream weaver and a master of many traits. I went to school for event planning, but have been doing yoga for 15 years and teaching yoga for 8 years. I love combining the two industries with international retreats, because I love to travel and explore! I teach at 5 studios in Austin and I guess you can say, I pollinate like a Bee and spread my wings to as many souls as I can.

In 2020 when the world got quite, I got busy. I self published my 10 year project of writing my memoir, “Wild Journey to the Light” on Amazon and in 2021 I published my audio version that I narrated. When I put my mind to something, I accomplish it. That’s what I’ve been doing by creating international retreats. It’s one thing to write a book, but it’s next level to be an interactive author that teaches valuable tools to bring back to help navigate life.

I have 4 years without alcohol in my life, and I couldn’t feel more free and alive! This is something important to me, so if you feel the call to still enjoy life without this substance, please let me show you the way! It is possible and it has everything to do with what I will be teaching. Yoga • Breath work • sound healing • surfing • nature • grounding in • valuable workshops • lifelong connections • eating healthy and so much more!

I’m beyond honored to go on a journey with you! Thank you for trusting your instincts to join me on this adventure!
xo Alli Bee

2022 Retreat Reviews

Alli Bee’s Yoga retreat was a once in a lifetime experience that I would highly encourage and recommend to anyone open to diving deeper into and accelerating their healing and personal growth process and their yoga practice. This was my first time to Costa Rica and first Yoga retreat and I was simply blown away by all the attention to detail and deep thought and care that Alli put into curating this bucket-list level healing experience. Alli is not only an amazing yoga teacher but also an expert event planner. Every part of the journey is designed to help you connect with your mind, body, and heart on a deeper level and in the company of like-minded light warriors and truth seekers. Alli made sure to stay in constant communication with the group leading up to the trip and clearly communicated everything that we needed to bring on the trip to be fully prepared to have the best experience.

Chris Z.

——— • ———

She is patient, she is kind. She is light, she is love.

A still soul, with an energetic presence.

An individual with an intrinsic ability to hold space for others.

Divinely guided to light the way.

I could not wish for a better mentor and guide during my yoga retreat.

Thank you AlliBee.
Erica W.


More about Alli Bee ~ Growing up a gymnast, I now see the correspondence with my love and passion for yoga! Every morning I would wake up and do a Urva D (backbend) to start my day! I see now, I was really doing a lot of yoga as a child, just without the breath work.

Yoga has saved me in so many ways! I used to suffer from really bad anxiety, self esteem issues along with really toxic bad habits that almost ruined my life. Yoga became my outlet. My mat became my safe space. I cherished that devotion for my mind, body and soul. I didn’t always understand it, but I always left feeling better when I got off my mat. The magic of yoga is truly what lies in the practice of consistency.

Yoga conditions us on how to deal with life. How to regain your power. Yoga sparks up the conversation with the light inside of you and reassures you to live in the now. Yoga helped to fuel me with a healthy habit that became my new addiction!

I can’t change the world all at one time, but I am slowly working towards that goal one soul at a time! I create a fun and playful flow that will not only get you out of your head, but also allow you to find your edge. Being the witness when there is a challenge and passing through it is a huge accomplishment in itself! I offer the space to heal, to sweat, to cry, to just be when I teach. I love to always set an intention for your practice because I know the importance of creating your reality! Feeling your manifestations in your heart and weaving that feeling throughout my practice is something I love to do!

I love being able to spread the teachings of yoga with the community! It brings people together in a safe space where we can grow and vibrate on higher frequencies together!