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Yoga+Tarot+Full Moon Pass

Buy a pass you or for your friend or family member to attend one of my Yoga+Tarot+Full Moon Events in 2020!

I am excited to share that I will be hosting these every month next year to make the most of working with the moons healing energy! 

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Manifesting has always been a passion of mine, especially since I started seeing results! I love hosting Manifesting Workshops to help others tap into their very own hidden power! I would love to host a private workshop for your next event or gathering – or a one on one mentorship workshop for those wanting to dig a little deeper! I host about three public Manifesting Workshops a year and would love to see you at one of them! I can also host a private Manifesting workshop for you or a private party.

It all starts with the vibration that you put out in the world. We will go over different techniques and tricks to help keep your vibration high and how you can protect your energetic field. Also, sometimes making a decision on what to manifest is a huge block for most people. I have a few visualization exercises that I use to feel which direction I should send my energy. Not only that but we will go over a secret ritual that I used to make my biggest dreams a reality! With the right guidance on how to set a powerful intention (which we will go over), you can truly make your dreams a reality!