Follow Your Heart to Find Your Light


By Alli Bee 

This book is the story of my life. A story that I have been writing for the past nine years. I share in depth my struggles to find my light and be able to be free of my pain, anxiety, vicious cycles and battles with the shadow side. I have been pouring my heart in soul into finding a way towards the light. I go through almost everything that would be in your biggest nightmare, knowing that this was all happening for a reason. So I can sympathize, be able to connect with my readers, so I can speak from experience through my journey to get where I am today. At one point I was living in the darkest moments of my life, knowing that this journey is going to help so many. I had to be strong enough to do the research, I had to walk in the dark to find the light. Almost to a point where it almost killed me, a few times. Knowing that one day someone would be reading my words in the same place as I was, became my strength. This became my push to succeed and reach my light, my potential; and to shine! I found the one thing that led me to where I am now is following my heart. This is my mission and my purpose is to share and inspire…anyone. In any circumstance. At any point in their life. Book is scheduled to be finished before 2020! I will be sure to keep you posted! Its all hand written at the moment. I’m in the process of typing it all up, which means I’m re-living a lot of the trauma from my past. So it’s taking some time to process, and to officially lay it out for the world to see. It’s Coming SOON!!! XOXO