This modality of healing is an energetic alignment of your true souls desire. We all have blockages and barriers that we create unknowingly over time due to trauma and possibly even from a past life.

When I perform my Reiki sessions I first start by opening up the channels of energy by the feet.  I use my Reiki symbols that I have acquired from my level one and two certificates to open up the channel of healing energy and then ask for guidance where to go to. From there I perform a Chakra Balancing technique that helps to realign and open blocked chakras or calm down over active ones. Once that feels balances, I then move into other parts of the body that might need attention. Possibly from an injury or something else that could be going on. I normally don’t ask before hand if there are any problems, I let the energy guide me.

Once I am done with a session, I brush off the unwanted energy, close the channels and thank the “universe” for its guidance. Typically after a session, my clients are feeling calm; like a weight has been lifted, even the need to cry and release. My sessions are very intuitive and if I have the encouragement to ask questions, I do my best to help bring closure to any of the questions or uncertainties that could be stopping you from your highest potential.

My Reiki Sessions will leave you feeling clear and recharged! Schedule your next Reiki Session with me today!


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I book all of my sessions at Do Better Lifestyle Institute  off Spicewood Springs in Austin OR I also offer Distance Reiki