Step 1: The Deposit

This deposit is to secure your space for either the August 14-18th or December 14-20th Retreat in El Salvador. After this is paid, your spot is secured and you’ll receive a discount code to proceed to choose your room and use at checkout or we can set up a payment plan via Venmo or PayPal. Or you can skip this part and pay in full by going straight to the room options.

Please understand this is to secure your space, but also to create a committment and begin the energetic process of your journey.

Only 6 spots for August’s Mini 4 night retreat and 15 spots available for the December 6 day retreat. I have limited solo room options. First come first serve for those rooms.

Scroll just a little more to see the room options

If you want to pay in full, this is the cost of the room. If you want to pay the deposit and then do a payment plan, start by making the deposit and then I will reach out to help move forward. 

What’s included for the August Retreat

– **Yoga & AcroYoga:** Start each day at 6:30 AM with invigorating yoga and breathwork sessions.
– **Ecstatic Dance in the AM hours
– **Temezcal Ceremony: Participate in a traditional sweat lodge ceremony led by an authentic Mayan Indian.
– **Cold Plunge & Dry Sauna:**
– **Meditation & Breathwork:**
– **Horseback Riding:**
– **Endless Surf:** rent a board and surf anytime
– **Cacao Ceremony:**
– **Hydrogen Water Reset:** Revitalize your cells with hydrogen-rich water
– **Free Transportation:** Complimentary airport pick-up and drop-off for a hassle-free experience if arriving between 12-2p on the 14th and departing between 3-5p on the 18th.

Step 2: Secure your Room

There are shared rooms, solo options and also option to come and be roomed with a bestie or partner. Prices starting as low as $1850 for this all inclusive experience (minus alcohol, add ons or your flight)

Pic your room options below.

All the rooms have AC and a private bathroom, mini fridge and patio space.

There are three ways to go about reserving for your spot:

1.) RSVP via the deposit first and get a $500 discount code to use at checkout for the room option to be paid on a different date.

2.): pay in full with skipping the deposit and only paying for the room.

3.) Payment plans ~ please reach out asap via IG @allibeeyoga. All payments must be completed before the 30 days before the retreat starts.

There are pictures and more details about the rooms in the descriptions when you click on the room options below. If you still have questions and want to see videos I took , send me a message on IG @allibeeyoga

August 14-18th Details

Join us for an unforgettable journey of renewal and transformation in the beautiful setting of Mizata, El Salvador. Our carefully curated retreat offers a blend of traditional and modern healing practices designed to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

**Package Includes:**
– **Arrival on Wednesday, Departure on Sunday**
– **Daily Morning Yoga/Breathwork Sessions at 6:30 AM**
– **One Complimentary Massage**
– **One Meal Per Day**
– **One Smoothie Per Day**
– **One Coconut Per Day**
– **Hydrogen Water:** Exclusive access for optimal cellular rejuvenation.
– **Cacao Ceremony:** Experience a sacred cacao ceremony prior to the Temezcal.
– **Temezcal Ceremony:** Participate in an authentic Mayan-led sweat lodge ceremony.

*I only booked bungalows for this one, but if you prefer a tree house I can check availability to make this happen for you ~ just send me a message on IG @allibeeyoga

Flight details for El Salvador


The airport flight details are below. Please make sure your flights arrive and depart between these dates and times if you would like to use the included transportation in your ticket. If needed we can arrange a private shuttle if you cannot make these times. Please note if you go this route, it will be an extra fee.

Fly in to San Salvador International Airport

12/14/24 between 1-3pm (check in is at 4pm)

Fly out of San Salvador

12/20/2024 after 3pm (check out is 11am).

Best places to find flights to San Salvador are and google flights and the best days to book are on Tuesdays. If you like to fly direct like me, you can drive to Houston and park in the airport parking for a cheaper and quicker flight


It’s about a 45 to an hour and a half ride in the shuttle from the airport to the resort. This secluded beach town and the resort are both called Mizata.

If you still have questions or need help, please reach out via IG at @allibeeyoga. I’m happy to help make this a smooth and enjoyable experience from start to end.


Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty when you give back in this world. Part of the proceeds will be going to fund school supplies so the El Salvadorian children can learn English. Learning this language is crucial for more job opportunities in this country and by helping the youth in this way, we can make a lasting impact on their future. 

My intention is to create meaningful travel experiences that don’t involve alcohol and also prove that the healing journey can be fun! Life is meant for living and that’s exactly what we will be doing on my retreats! On these international experiences with me, you’ll be able to soak in the richness of nature and the beauty this world has to offer while making meaningful connections along the way. 

I get real on my retreats and offer a space for others to feel and sort through their life and blockages. I love curating spaces for my guests to experience authenticity within and get to know themselves on a deeper level. We are here on this planet to connect – to help inspire one another – and learn from one another.

I speak about my life openly in my book, Wild Journey to the Light – available on all platforms (but AppleBooks and Spotify support the authors the most). In my book you can get a glimpse of what I’ve been through, in order to be where I am now. I journaled how I made it out and was able to document the whole process. Little inside secret: Yoga and eliminating alcohol where the two KEY factors! I’m going to be sharing valuable tools with my guests on my retreats that come from the messages in my book. Expect to go home feeling like a light warrior ready to conquer your dreams!


Alli Bee

This experience will bring you closer to your own truth. By disconnecting into the beauty of nature, you will be able to get back to your roots and ground yourself down to rise up. Your ticket will include everything you need to survive in luxury in paradise ~ This is an opprotunity to really step into nature and the beauty that lives within each of us as we tap back into Mother Earth and our Yoga Practice. I have created multiple workshops to bring to this Healing Journey and I’m thrilled to be able to share this knowledge with you all. There are certain tips and life hacks that can become game-changers once we open our hearts to new experiences. I can’t wait to bring this magic to all of the lucky souls that will come with me on this Journey!

Your ticket includes transport from and to the airport, your lodging for 6 days and 5 nights, 3 meals a day along with non alcoholic drinks with meals, excursions, along with all the yoga, breathwork and workshops you can handle!

Don’t worry, there will also be plenty of free time to relax and unwind as well or enjoy the beach on your own time. The goal is to keep everyone together, but if you would rather explore the adventures, it is after all – your choice. There is also unlimited horseback riding and a pupusa making class! Part of the proceeds will go to help El Salvadorian kids get school supplies. Travel with a purpose and make a difference when you visit another country.

*The only things not included are your flights, extra excursions out on your own, massages, alcohol and your own personal tab.

This experience will leave you feeling the wonders that nature provides for us. We will get back to our roots with daily yoga, workshops, journaling time, and meditation sessions.

The goal of my November Retreat is to help others FIND THEIR WHY!

Are you on a quest to finding a balanced life with the intent to follow your dreams? Do you even know what your dreams or goals are? Are you curious about diving deeper into the meaning of your life? These are all questions that we will dive into in this retreat. Be ready to answer some difficult questions for yourself as you grow, heal and learn to become a strong light warrior!

Have some questions? Send me a message and I’d be happy to chat <3 find me on Instagram @allibeeyoga


Have you ever wanted to experience the bliss of truly diving into your divine power? Do you feel like you want to get away and explore the luscious life and wonders of this world? Do you want to tap deeper into understanding who you are and what you want to get out of your life? Do you want to make life long connections and friendships? Do you hear the calling to come to Costa Rica? No matter where you are in your practice, if you answered yes to any of these, THIS IS THE RETREAT FOR YOU! Reserve your spot today with a deposit of $500. Excited to share the wonders of this magical country with you all~