Ok Guys,

Honestly have to just let you know – this is a game changer! Your tongue hold so much tiny bacteria growths on it that brushing your tongue with your toothbrush only puts that bacteria in your gums and on your teeth! (yea – even if you rinse and wash your toothbrush after…the bacteria stays in your toothbrush unless you boil in…which we normally don’t…so -Yukkkk.) Not only will you have cleaner teeth, but it also gives you a chance to check in with your immune system. The whiter your tongue is, the lower your immune system is. (its supposed to be pink) Your tongue is the biggest indicator to check in with yourself! Also, scrapping your tongue will help give you better taste bud receptors and allow you to enjoy your food better! And give you better smelling breath as a result! Why weren’t we taught this in school? I guess better late than never! You can find these bad boys in grocery stores for about the same cost as a toothbrush! Or you can get a fancy metal one from whole foods! None the less – get yo self one!