Today is the Winter Solstice (12/21/2020) and what a journey this year has been! I can’t believe how much has happened. Our worlds have been basically turned upside down and our perceptions on what reality really is to us has morphed into something new. I don’t know about you guys, but every time I feel a turbulence in my energy, I look up at the stars. They play a huge role in the events that are occurring in our lives and when we learn to harness their energy – we can begin to manifest our lives a little easier.

For example: I launched my book on Amazon, Wild Journey to the Light during the Lions Gate Portal 8/8/20, which I felt like gave me the extra courage to bear all and strip myself of the ego to release my darkest secrets to the world. Right now, I am waiting for Audible to approve my audible version of the book during the Winter Solstice for a little extra help with this process of nurturing my future.

I say all of this, because the stars have a purpose in our lives. For me they do at least. They inform me of when it is best for me to hibernate and stay inside (New Moons are the hardest for me – i feel scattered, restless, grumpy and irritable). Half Moons are my prime time when I get sh*t done and have extra confidence…and Full Moons…well they can be a toss up – but…I have learned that I get extra energy from Full Moons, so I like to choose these nights for long road trips. I like to plan my life around these cycles, just as our ancestors did. They can be somewhat like our roadmaps for continuing on our journeys.

I feel like this year we have been gifted so many solar eclipses and portal gate openings that it has been hard not to shift into a new person after 2020. I just want all of you to know that you are not alone. We are undergoing a huge massive shift as a collective. What you are feeling is normal – just know, that the unknown can become your clean slate for a new you. What is it that you want to create for the world? How do you want to leave your mark? What plans are you taking to step into your future self? These are the questions to ask yourself as we approach our new cycle on this planet Earth. The truth is…YOU HAVE THE POWER to create whatever world you would like to live in, from this moment on. It is a choice and only you can make that for yourself.

Today, on Winter Solstice – let’s use this energy to step into a new life for ourselves. Harness this energy of nurturing your future and KNOW, you are worthy of this kind of happiness. Look up to the stars for answers – and if you are ever lost and confused, ask your angels to help guide you. They become stronger and more prominent when you ask for their help. And remember – if you are ever wondering why you might be feeling off, just do a little research as to what is happening in the sky above. It might help you make more sense of what actions you need to be taking at that time.

Sending out so much love! Happy Holidays Friends!

<3 Alli Bee