This book has been my life mission. I have been searching for so many years of how to step into your light and your power. So many years spent in the dark without even knowing where I was. In my darkest moments, my future readers were what pulled me through it. I told myself I was experiencing this trauma so I can relate to my readers. In a weird way, I didn’t feel so alone – even though, physically I was. I am on the final stages of this process and as I type up all the trials and tribulations, I can’t help but feel the emotional release of my past. This is a raw, true and very real story of my life. I am shaving away the ego and what people might think when they find out all of my skeletons in my closet. I have gone over and over in my head if I should leave some of the stories out to save my pride…but the answer is clear that I cannot. My time on this Earth has been to do the research in the dark, for those who are where I was at one time…to show them that there is a way out. A brighter lit pathway that they too can walk towards, even when it seems to be their darkest hours. I can feel the emotional release of the trauma and the pain that I gathered from these experiences as I finalize the words when I type up each story. I am coming to peace with my past and what I have endured knowing that it has shaped me into who I am today. And that person that I see in the mirror, I am so very proud of! The release of this book should be happening within the next seven months and now it is a preparation that i am getting ready for! Preparing myself for the world to see my heart, my pain, my growth and my light.  I cannot wait for this process to come to an end and share my story with the world! This is just the beginning of something bigger than I could’ve ever imagined. I think a part of me has no idea what to expect, but I can feel the magnitude of it’s pull like it’s my soul mate. For all of those who will read, I hope it brings them peace in their hearts to know they too, are not alone – even the darkest of nights carry the brightest of stars! XO Alli Bee