When I lived in Costa Rica, I gained a new perspective on this fruit. I never really heard of it in the states except maybe as a garnish for a drink at some fancy place! But in Costa Rica, I would go outside, climb a tree, pick about 6 starfruit at a time, and go back inside and make a fresh morning juice with them. It was unreal! I was truly in a primal state climbing up a tree wanting something sweet and yummy to drink! It became my favorite daily activity to do!

Its been three years now since I lived in Costa Rica, and I had a dream last night about climbing that tree again. Just as fresh as if I actually did it this morning. Going back to the primal hunter and gatherer state was such a good grounding, earthing feeling. I had this dream to give me the push to go back there! I’m now putting most of my efforts and resources into making this dream come into reality! You have to climb the tree to reach the fruits of its labor. Pretty cool analogy of how I’m feeling right now! Registry will open soon for my February 2020 Costa Rica Retreat! Keep your eyes open! Spots will fill up fast!