Iv’e found myself to be doing just fine on my own, or so I thought…until I find myself trying to open up my heart to be in a relationship. When we add another person to the mix, most of the time, this person can be our biggest teacher. I’ve noticed that I find my past relationship trauma or my daily routine getting out of whack to be my biggest downfalls when I choose to open my heart to love.

We all have trauma that lives in our bones, our DNA and our hearts. This doesn’t mean you are unlovable, it means you are human. The trick to all of this is to recognize when you are being triggered or when you our off balance. When you notice when this happens, this is your teaching moment of how you are going to show up for yourself. It’s important to have clear boundaries and also be open to communicating how you feel. If the person you are with can’t listen, respect and understand this – then this is not your person that you can grow with. It takes being able to be vulnerable and being open enough to have these conversations. To truly make a break in the patterns that have kept you reliving your trauma in each relationship. The only way to change your life is to do things differently. To show up differently. Even if that means taking the road less traveled and waiting on the side lines for a long time.

In order to heal, you must come to terms with all aspect of who you are and why you are the way you are. Respect these aspects and love them. They protect and guide you to your happiness. But to be honest, I have walked for so long alone that I almost forgot what my weaknesses were; until I was faced with the reality of the truths when they came up – which they will always resurface. XO <3